Welcome to BEAM, Inc.


BEAM, Inc., is a private foundation dedicated to developing and supporting educational programs that equip Christians in Russia, Ukraine, and other former republics of the USSR for leadership roles in their communities, churches, work places and society in general and to build cooperative relationships between Christians in the United States and in post-Communist countries of Eurasia.

Funding Priorities

In light of this mission statement, the Board and staff will focus its support on funding the following:

  • Educational programs for Christian professionals in Russia, Ukraine, and other former republics of the USSR that help them relate their faith to their work and that train them to be leaders of integrity and sound character;
  • Programs that encourage reconciliation and cooperation among Protestant, Orthodox, and Catholic communities in post-Communist countries in Eurasia; and,
  • Programs that help build constructive relations between post-Communist countries and the United States primarily through the sharing of common Christian values.

Operational guidelines for BEAM’s private foundation are as follows:

  • Grant applications will only be received from organizations who are invited to apply by the staff and Board.
  • BEAM staff and Board will utilize their extensive network of advisors, both Americans and nationals from post-Communist countries, to identify potential grant recipients and conduct “due diligence” on these organizations.
  • Funding priorities will generally not include capital projects.
  • Grants will only be awarded to organizations that submit a business plan with stated and measureable goals and who are fully accountable to BEAM for the use of its funds.

BEAM Grants: 2015 to 2019

  • Support for educational programs that equip Christian high school and college students to live out their faith in their school and their neighborhood, that develop their leadership abilities, and that challenge them to use their skills to make a constructive difference in their societies.
  • Support for programs that focus on young professionals and that help them to integrate their faith with their work in the marketplace.
  • Grants to programs run by people of faith, including RACU graduates, that help the vulnerable, especially orphans, often ignored by their own governments.
  • Funding for campus ministries that work with Christian young people to help them to be witnesses of their faith in Jesus on secular campuses.
  • Grants for programs that train emerging business leaders and equip them to start them own companies and use their profits to support Kingdom work in their countries.
  • Purchase of 5,000 theological volumes from the West for use in Russian Orthodox seminaries and for conferences between Orthodox and Western scholars.
  • Support for a program that trains Christian educators and administrators and helps them develop private Christian schools.
  • Funding to support a delegation of Christian theological educators to lecture in Orthodox institutions and exchange their perspectives with faculty from a diversity of theological traditions.
  • Grants to support research on various leadership training models and the preparation of media materials for online courses in topics such as the “Theology of Work.”